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Hotel Manos Premier

“A well-kept secret.

This luxurious accommodation displays all the character and charm of a private residence in Brussels.”

restaurant 2.jpg
The Kolya



At the Kolya restaurant, you can sample our chef’s cuisine in a warm and cozy atmosphere with dull velvets and mirrors. Or during summer nights on our terraces overlooking the garden and fountains.

Rooms and rates



Furnished as in the era of Louis XV and Louis XVI, all the elegant rooms of this luxuriously appointed hotel flaunt a decor with an individual touch.

Lella spa



  You can enjoy a jacuzzi as well as a session in the steam room and a sauna. A masseur/masseuse may be arranged for you by appointment (extra costs are applied).

The Manos Premier in pictures

“Pleasing to the eye and appealing to the senses: the fabrics lack nothing in length, the materials are inviting to the touch.”

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